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Southwind Carpet provides a complete range of residential and light commercial products.

The eco-friendly polyurethane carpet backing made especially for residential use.

•Made of rapidly renewable and recycled materials, over 50% green by weight.

•Manufactured with post-consumer recycled PET plastic.

•Replaces over 90% of the petroleum based polymers with a bio-based polymer derived from domestically grown soybeans.

•Features a revolutionary, patent-pending Extruded Fiberization adhesion layer that provides increased flexibility and strength.

•Improves environmental air quality. Every yard of EnviroCel Home installed means increased soy bean production, which helps improve air quality by consuming CO2 from the atmosphere.

•Makes a smaller environmental footprint, carpets last longer so less carpet ends up in landfills.

The Green Advantage
Extends the life of your carpet
• Reduces matting, raveling and snagging
• Improves indoor air quality
• Reduces noise level
• Has insulating properties that help reduce energy loss
• Impervious to moisture damage


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