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Q WOOD – By: Quickstep

Floors are meant to live in interesting homes. Create luxurious roomscapes. And provide years of enjoyment to their families. These are Q•Wood™ floors — created from exquisite hardwoods and engineered to fit beautifully in your home.


Illuminates the beauty of the wood grain.

Each floor in our collection features exclusive Opulux™ Performance Enhanced Finish, a cross-linked coating system that illuminates the beauty of the grain, offering the appearance of an oil finish while maintaining the advantages of a conventional urethane floor.


Shields against stains and everyday wear.

In addition to the rich, matte visual associated with oil floors, Opulux™ finish provides exceptional durability and performance comparable to that of UV finish.


Unique refresh solution hides scuffs and scratches.

Even the highest quality floors are not impervious to scuffs and scratches from years of traffic. And once a floor begins to show those tell-tale signs of wear, the Opulux™ finish can be easily refreshed with our Renewal™ Revitalizing Solution — one of many innovations that make Q•Wood™ one of the most unique floors on the market.


Opulux™ Performance Enhanced Finish combines the luxurious visual of an oil finish with the durability and performance of a standard urethane floor.



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