Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters with TruView™ Rear Tilt

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Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters

• Ultraviolet resistant polysatin compound —
Stands up to the toughest conditions — even under
intense sunlight and exposure to water .
• DuraLux™ Finish — Makes Palm Beach™ shutters
virtually indistinguishable from a beautifully painted shutter .
• Aluminum reinforced components — For exceptional
stability to the shutter panels .
• Duralink™ cufflink connectors — Securely attach the
louvers to the tilt bar for ultimate durability .
• Neutral shades —Follow the latest trends and coordinate
with the Hunter Douglas Custom Shutter Collection .
• Specialty shapes — Framed and unframed options .
• Performance — The exclusive Palm Beach™ Promise
guarantees your shutters will never warp, crack, fade, chip,
peel or discolor


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