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The basis for Natural Cork flooring is agglomerated sheet material produced mainly in Portugal and Spain. This material has the appearance of compressed granules, which is exactly what it is. In order to achieve a different appearance, it is necessary to laminate a thin veneer layer of cork on top of this core material. Lamination takes place at the time of original production making the thin layer inseparable from the core. The veneer layer carries the pattern. There are many patterns to choose from, everything from those that favor bamboo to those that mimic marble and much in-between.

NATURAL CORK PARQUET TILE¬†– Glue-down tile, often referred to as parquet, is generally available in a range of patterns and colors, finished or unfinished, 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 24″ are standard. It is possible to special order in other sizes up to 36″ x 36″ which is the limit of the production machinery. Tile can be installed over wood or concrete substrates that meet the qualifications for sheet vinyl applications. The preferred method of adhesion is water based contact cement, however other adhesives are used. It is not recommended to install tile in below grade situations.

NATURAL CORK PLANK¬†– When applied to cork, the term ‘plank’ refers to a floating floor installation, where cork has been laminated to a fiberboard center core with a tongue & groove edge. This allows for several advantages:

1. Subfloor preparation is less stringent
2. The floor ‘floats’ and is less visibly affected by expansion and contraction normal to wood products
3. Plank can be installed below grade
4. Installation is relatively quick
5. Thicker product provides better insulation

As is common with other floating products, Natural Cork plank requires a perimeter expansion space that must be covered by baseboard or other trim. The necessity for perimeter expansion makes it difficult to use plank in a place where it will not be convenient to install trim pieces. This is particularly true in most bathrooms where roll-edged tubs and floor-mounted toilets are common. Therefore, it is recommended to use Natural Cork tile in bathroom applications.

Natural Cork plank products are milled with a specially shaped “click” together tongue & groove center core. This sophisticated and highly accurate milled shape ensures a very tight connection during installation and beyond. Click technology is a glueless installation resulting in less mess, less fuss and less time on the job. What’s more, floors that are clicked into place and also be unclicked for easy repair.


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