Nantucket™ window shadings with UltraGlide®

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Nantucket™ window shadings

A collection of Silhouette® window shadings.
• Transformation — Fabric vanes and sheer facings
transform harsh daylight into a soft warm glow, with no
cords or tapes to distract from the elegant appearance .
• Ultraviolet protection — Shadings block up to 88% of
harmful ultraviolet rays with vanes open and 99% with
vanes closed .
• Precise light control — 3″ vanes tilt to provide the
exact amount of desired light, reducing the need for
electrical light .
• Proprietary lifting systems — Unique lifting systems
feature convenience and enhanced child safety .
• Motorization — Patented PowerRise® 2 .0 with Platinum™
Technology . Control shading


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