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CoverQUIK Tile manufactures thin glass and stone mosaics as well as provides 4 unique and revolutionary setting systems. We provide our customers with unmatched savings in both time and money. Over 25 Italian manufacturers have embraced thin tile as the future of the industry. Due to economical factors throughout the globe, products that save labor costs are becoming very popular. Because of our thin tile, the retail cost is cut 50% over the leading full thickness tile. From DIY applications to professional installations, there has never been a more perfect time to utilize our groundbreaking products. Glass tile, as well as glass and stone mosaics are at the peak of popularity; CoverQUIK offers multiple variations of these HOT items. CoverQUIK Tile also enables the use of 3 unique time, cost and labor saving adhesive systems. SprayLock, Set N’ Grout and our newest product, Peel N’ Stick provide installation solutions for any situation. Economical and time-saving advantages are not the only reason CoverQUIK Tile is poised to become an industry leader. CoverQUIK Tile is committed to industry-leading customer service and support made possible through the use of our nationwide distribution locations. This insures that our customers receive their product in a timely matter, and that we have the infrastructure to meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace. In addition to our current lines, we continue to research and develop for the future. CoverQUIK Tile – “Innovation in Renovation”



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