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CORK by Natural Cork

Parquet Tile & Floating Floor Plank
– Cork flooring is produced in Portugal, which has the largest concentration of trees, and a long standing tradition of manufacturing in this field from the bark treatment to wine stoppers production, cork’s primary use, and the many derivative articles using all post industrial by-products.
Why Choose Cork?
1. It is durable and easy to maintain. Pre-finished Natural Cork flooring is protected with 5 coats of durable UV cured acrylic finish. Regular maintenance requires only routine sweeping and vacuuming to avoid build up of abrasive particles. Spills should be cleaned up right away. WET MAINTENANCE IS ENTIRELY FORBIDDEN.
2. Comfort. Cork provides a comfortable cushion underfoot as it gives under compression. Because Cork “bounces back” recovery from marks left by furniture will leave minimal residual indentation, less noticable than on wood,carpet or vinyl floors.
3. Cork is a fire inhibitor that does not spread flame. Cork will not produce toxic gases on combustion.
4. Cork contains over 100 million prism-shaped cells per cubic inch. These air-filled cells allow cork to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.



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