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Compared to other Furniture Stores in York Pa, we have been here for over 60 years. Our family heritage is in creating beautiful homes for people to “live in” and truly enjoy. Don’t just dream about what your home could look like. Do it. With the help of the Helf family and Furniture Finesse, we can work together and create the swanky home you’ve always wanted.
Who wants to live in a home with stained carpets that cannot be cleaned? Maybe you have purchased expensive steam cleaners that get plenty of dirt out, but not stains up? You continue to clean them, hoping that the stains will eventually come out. Years go by, and they get worse and worse. Maybe you have given up because no one else in the home respects it as much as you do. And we here at Furniture Finesse understand.

You really want to purchase carpets, but your hubby doesn’t want to spend the money. He thinks it’s just not worth it since they will get ruined again. We have an answer for that one…If you need a way to convince your spouse to “do the right thing and get new carpeting for your home”…read on…

There are solutions and ways around that injurious way of life that your family is used to. For one, you can create a new rule that everyone must take their shoes off upon entering the home. Create a space that is roomy enough for everyone’s shoes. Put up a reminder that is not just a piece of paper and a marker – but a pictured design with the words “Take your shoes off here in order to keep our home clean and beautiful”.

You can find anything online nowadays. So to find something that encourages your family to do the right thing should not be difficult. If you cannot find it, you might be able to make one if you have a creative knack. Just ask around – you never know.

Either way, by staying determined and setting goals – you and your family will be able to keep them! It’s about diligence and responsibility. It’s also a great way to teach your children how to be more dependable, which is greatly lacking in the world today.

You could also start a rule where there is no eating anywhere in the house except for the kitchen/dining room. And, if you need a table and chairs that will accommodate your entire family, then we can help with that too. But you are spending more money now…well, if you want to keep a good looking home, you are going to have to shovel out that money at some point, right?

In order to save money in the future when it comes to carpeting, then you will have to spend money on other things right away in order to create that balance you need. And, if your family is not used to eating together at meals – then try to create a new normal. Everyone wins, the couches, beds, and carpets don’t get stained and dirty, and your family becomes united in a place of communion together.

Furniture Finesse is one of the greatest, long-standing furniture stores in York, PA that’s committed to helping you create an abundant and peaceful living atmosphere for you and your family. We are located at 700 West Market St., in York, PA.

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