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Are you ready for the coming winter season? Is your home in need of a makeover? You might not think so – but envision this: will you be happy and comfortable all winter long (which up north lasts for 2 seasons) with the way your home looks and feels as it is right now? With that being said, you might want to redecorate your home in style and comfort by perusing through one all-inclusive furniture store York Pa has to offer.

The winter season is right around the corner. Normally, us folks up North are used to the term “cabin fever”. We associate this word with not being able to go anywhere because of the snow and ice all over the road. Even if we want to go skiing or snowboarding, or just sled down the hill with our kids, just getting there can be a hastle. Also, many of the usual summer places are closed – and so we have no choice except to stay home or find something else to do.

You don’t have to let the term “cabin fever” be a dread to you. Change it around and call it “Cabin Bliss”. Let Furniture Finesse, a furniture store York Pa folks have come to know and love assist you with this change. That way, you and your family and friends can enjoy sitting around in beautiful fall sweaters, sipping on hot apple cider around the fireplace, playing cards or scrabble – in the beauty and style of a re-decorated home that feels more like a vacation cabin in the woods.

Can you imagine it right now? The warmth, the joy, the closeness of family and friends that can only be had in the cold winter months because hey, there’s really not much else to do. Feel those feelings – or can you? Maybe you can’t because your home does not give off that type of essence and so imagining it is practically impossible.
Our furniture store York Pa homes and apartments are filled with can fill yours too. Maybe you need a brand new carpet throughout the house with a light touch of basic accessories. What is it that will allow you to envision a long winter season filled with family, style, and fun?

Maybe a new living room set, some accent pillows, and bright yellow candles set in timeless wooden candlesticks? Or, maybe your York or Lancaster Pa home needs area rugs, new trendy and classy lamps, along with a few accent tables? Look at a sample of a custom rug that livened up a York Pa living room here.

Whatever it is, Furniture Finesse is a furniture store York PA people have been trusting for over 60 years. The Helf Family is interested in doing more than just business with you. Our friendships with the community have blossomed over the years, which has given us the reputation of providing the absolute best in customer service. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Look at some testimonials from extremely satisfied customers here. Located close to the fairgrounds, our furniture store in York is happy to provide you with installers to put in a new carpet or tiles in your kitchen. We have a decorating service, can repair your blinds, put padding underneath your rugs, and also provide ultrasonic blind cleaning.

Just ask us, and we will work together with you to upgrade your home – whether you are planning on selling it, or living in it. Wow your friends and family with your tasteful and trendy personal style that continues to invite them back year after year.

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